Close up view of part of Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa


Since inception, Topland Group has sought to lead the market, not follow it. Our counter-cyclical investment strategy has driven the success of the business over the past four decades.



Strategy was to invest in commercial real estate with long-income

Large single asset offices let to blue-chip tenants on long indexed-linked leases Enhanced gearing to maximise risk-adjusted returns


Continuation of strategy, but our sector focus extended out to retail and hospitality

Large-scale sale-and-leaseback transactions with retailers including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsburys, Aldi, Eroski

Over £1.5 billion of sale-and-leasebacks transacted between 2000 and 2010


Investment strategy continued to evolve, expanding in both sector and activity.

Real estate Investment and development activities in addition to investing in renewable energy

Large-scale investor in the Hotels sector both from a leased and operational model. Brought together three well-known brands under one umbrella and exited in 2019

An original aggregator of supported living housing in the UK, building a sizeable portfolio before exiting to a number of long-term holders including Civitas

Established an alternative lending platform which focused on short-term bridge finance secured against real estate assets. Since inception, this part of the business has deployed significant amounts of capital on a broad range of real estate transactions

Joint Venture partner of choice across a broad range of real estate sectors


Multi-billion-pound investment portfolio cover multiple sectors and regions

Established bridging loan provider within the real estate sector

Property developer with a £0.8 billion development pipeline