Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

The data and images on this website are provided to the general public merely for general information purposes about Topland Group, its assets, its investments, its business activities and its companies (‘Topland’) and should not be relied upon as being fully accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date.

Day-to-day management and administrative functions relevant to Topland’s business are carried out in the UK by Berkley Estates London Limited, an English company with registration number 2670273 and registered office at 105 Wigmore Street, 7th Floor, London W1U 1QY (‘BELL’).  BELL is a Topland company.  It is also registered with the ICO under number Z9827051.

BELL undertakes to comply with all relevant data protection laws. As part of our commitment to data privacy, please note the following:

  1. BELL may from time to time process user information generated when you visit the Topland website. That may involve collecting, using, storing and/or transferring any of the personal information and/or technical and usage data that you give to us or which is otherwise identifiable from your use of the website (collectively, your Personal Data) but only for designated purposes.
  2. Those designated purposes include: (i) following up with you in a manner commensurate with the level of interest that you may have expressed when using the “Contact Us” page on our website or when otherwise getting in touch with us; (ii) sending you relevant written communications about Topland; (iii) administering and/or complying with any contract that we may enter into with you in due course; and (iv) complying with any legal obligation imposed upon us (eg. to verify your identity, to prevent fraud, or to undertake any necessary anti-money laundering checks).


  1. In order to enable us to meet the above purposes, your Personal Data may be transferred (as we consider necessary or appropriate) to other Topland companies, or to third parties who are engaged by or on behalf of Topland in connection with any of its assets, investments or business activities. We do not expect this to involve a transfer of Personal Data outside of the UK, but in any event we aim to ensure that any overseas transferee offers data protection commitments similar or equivalent to those that are required in the UK.


  1. We will use your Personal Data lawfully, fairly and in a manner that is consistent with and relevant to the particular purposes described above, and take reasonable steps to keep your Personal Data secure, and store it in paper or electronic form only for as long as is necessary for those purposes.

Please get in touch with us by telephone on 020 7493 3373 or in writing using the contact details below if you would like further information about our Privacy Policy, or if you would like to notify us of any objection to our use of your Personal Data in the manner described above.

Berkley Estates London Limited
105 Wigmore Street
7th Floor
London W1U 1QY

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